Thursday, November 18, 2010

Win an iPad from Fitness Coffee!

Yes, Fitness Coffee is giving away an Apple iPad. All you need to know, you can read about here.

Each form of entry will be considered one entry, do each one and you have four chances to win

Five Ways to Win an iPad:


Yes, this one is that simple, just send us a picture of you and your bag of Fitness Coffee! Send the picture to: Fitness Coffee USA Photo Submission.


Blog about us on your blog with by posting the following and send us the link to Fitness Coffee USA Blog Submission.

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Send us a 15 second video blog of you giving us your experience with Fitness Coffee. It could be how much you liked the taste, how you felt drinking the coffee or any other experience you may have had. Send us the URL where you have it posted to Fitness Coffee USA Video Submission.


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If you do not have a Twitter account, sign up at , it is free to sign up. Then follow us – Fitness Coffee USA. Go to  and click on the Follow button that appears under the profile.

Once you are signed up and following us, simply tweet this to your list of fellow tweeters:

Win a new Apple iPad from @Fitness_Coffee. Please RT. Details here:

That’s it. Just follow us on Twitter. Send out that Tweet – and you’re done.


Another entry is permitted through our Facebook page. Simply become a fan or like of Fitness Coffee on Facebook and post the following on your wall:

Win a new Apple iPad from Fitness Coffee. A healthy and nutritious way to start your day, Become a fan and put the promotion on your Facebook wall. Details here:

A Healthy Way to Start the Day –

• The most functional all natural fitness beverage on the market

• Naturally rich in antioxidants with over 3.5x the antioxidants of green tea and much more than red wine

• Known to help consumers lose significant weight by naturally enhancing metabolism

• Gourmet Italian blend for a rich and full taste

• 100% all natural product with gourmet coffee and 16 of natures finest supplements

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*Remember, you do not have to Retweet or post every twenty minutes to improve your chances, only once will do. It will not improve your odds to send multiple tweets, and it just makes your friends upset at both of us. So then you have upset friends, and it does not improve your chances.

Like everything, there is some fine print that you need to understand:

If you are already following us, you do not need to follow, un-follow and follow again. If you are already following us and you re-tweet the message above you are qualified. If you un-follow and re-follow multiple times, we may block you from qualifying. As we add more promotions, you will need to re-tweet about the promotion to be eligible for the promotional product. The final decision of the winner is Fitness Coffee, and we are the final judge. You must be at least 18 years old to win. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The winner will be announced on our Twitter account and our Facebook page, February 28th, 2011, sometime before Midnight. This contest is void where prohibited by law. The contest winner is responsible to pay taxes and will be responsible for any other costs above and beyond just winning the prize. In addition to this, we are not responsible for any communications costs, including but not limited to wireless or cell phone service that the product may or may not be equipped to handle.

Any pictures or videos submitted will be used for promotional reasons. When submitting them to us, you will be giving Fitness Coffee the right to publish these on Fitness Coffee’s website and Facebook page.

We reserve the right to substitute a cashier’s check in US funds for the value of the product, in the event that the product is no longer available.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Low-Carb Diet Book Wins 2010 Award

Sunday November 7, 2010

Low-carb diets so often are dismissed as "fad" diets that it's very nice when a low-carb diet book gets recognized! The Stubborn Fat Fix, by Keith Berkowitz, M.D. and Valerie Berkowitz,R.D is the first-place winner in the "Health: Diet & Weight Loss" category of the "Best Books 2010" Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

The Stubborn Fat Fix is not just a weight loss book. Keith and Valerie are concerned with health, first and foremost. They explain how our different hormonal systems impact our weight and health, and how diet can be varied depending upon whether people have issues with, for example, their thyroid or insulin. They explain why there are times when exercise is not a good idea for health, and great exercise suggestions for when the time is right (with pictures!) They explain which supplements can be helpful, and how to cope with stress so it doesn't derail your diet. And, of course, there are lots of great suggestions for healthy low-carb eating.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Need for Salt on STRESSED Adrenals

I've written alot about salt, adrenals & thyroid and found this little tid-bit in the latest issue of First for Women magazine.  I have Adrenal Fatigue and even though I know that I need to have a full glass of water upon waking with 1/4 tsp of salt added to it, I hadn't found any further information about it till now.  I know that those that suffer from CFS, Low Thyroid and/or Adrenal problems have difficulty "holding" onto vitamins/minerals in particular sodium so we are suppose to add salt to our diet.

Sodium gets a bad rap in today's society.  Salt is Bad...Fat is Bad...both ideas are actually false but I'll just talk about Salt right now.  Our body needs sodium along with other electrolytes to function each day.  To "fuel" our cells.  Especially if you live in a hot climate or workout extensively.  We lose salt via sweating and through our urine.  Which is good but can also be bad if your body isn't getting enough to function in the first place. 

Hormone disorders are increasing at an alarming rate.  Cronic Fatigue Syndrome, Metabolism Syndrome, Low or High Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue and many more "syndromes" and diseases have a root in our hormones.  If our hormones are out of balance, then the body becomes unbalanced and disease takes hold.  If you are experiencing fatigue, weight gain and general "blah" make sure to find a medical professional that recognizes metabolism & hormone issues. 

Oops, I'm getting sidetracked again.  Salt.  The last several decades we've been told that Salt is Bad.  Eat food that is salt free...don't add salt to cooking...eliminate it from your diet.  For some people, especially those with blood pressure issues or those that have certain medical reasons to eliminate salt from their diet this is a good rule to follow.  But for most people and especially for those that have adrenal issues, added salt is necessary to live. 

Adrenal issues cause a depletion of sodium levels.  Like our bodies can't hold onto the salt that we take in "naturally" so we need to supplement with more salt.  The problem is finding that balance.  Again with the word, balance?  Yes...because if you've ever had not enough sodium in your body, you know what I'm talking about.  I wrote about this a couple of months ago when I wasn't getting enough sodium, and drinking way too much water.  About ended up in the E.R...I didn't realize that too much water & no salt was bad.  I think by day 4 I was absolutely delirious and so foggy that I kept drinking more and more water thinking this would solve my foggy thinking and fatigue.  Because all we hear in the media is that H2O solves fatigue...and that SALT is bad, right?  Well for some people maybe this works but for many of us this is pretty dangerous advice.  The more water you drink, the more salt you need otherwise the body is "flushing" out the sodium levels faster and faster causing even more problems. 

So the fix?  It's simple.  Each morning have a good 20oz glass of water with 1/4 tsp of non iodized salt.  The perfect salt is himalayan salt just because it has so many more minerals then other salts.  Drink that each morning and you'll feel energized.  Now if you live in a hot/humid climate or your workout 45-60 minutes each day then you should have another glass of salted water in the afternoon.  My experience is that with my adrenal fatigue, I'm not "awake" in the mornings so my workouts are in the mid to late afternoon.  That's when I have my 2nd glass of salt water..while working out. 

Sort of our version of an energy drink.  A sugar-free version.  Good ol' salt water.  That's what a Gatorade drink is...electrolytes.  That's why they are so important for workouts.  They contain not only sodium but also potassium & other electrolytes that we naturally lose while sweating. 

So below is the info about hormones and salty cravings that goes hand in hand with what I'm discussing.  Any questions just contact me at or leave a comment below.


Excerpt from First For Women - Nov. 8, 2010 Issue

What Food Cravings Reveal About What's Really Bothering You:

We're old pros at tending to our pressing to-dos through just about anything - sniffles, the flu, back pain...What's harder?  Those days when a vague feeling of restlessness comes on for no good reason, or at least no reason we can pinpoint.  But Nutrition scientists have found an easy way to identify what's behind the funk.  Listen to your gut literally.  "Cravings act like an alarm bell for the subconscious," asserts David G. Edelson, M.D., a certified weight-management expert and founder of HealthBridge in Manhasset, New York. "The areas of the brain where hormones are stored are next to those where higher-level thought processes occur, so over time links form between cravings and emotions."  Read on to discover what's behind your down moods and how to tend to the feeling rather than feed it.

Salty Cravings Signal Stress

Stress inhibits the adrenal gland's production of aldosterone, a hormone that helps maintain an optimal  level of sodium in the body, says Dr. Edelson.  He explains, "Having low levels of aldosterone creates a salt deficiency, which in turn prompts cravings for foods like pretzels or french fries."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Most in U.S. not eating enough vegetables

-The Washington Post
Most Americans still don't eat vegetables often enough, and their fruit consumption has actually dropped a little, according to a new government report released recently. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that last year about one-third of U.S. adults consumed fruit or fruit juice at least twice a day. That's down slightly from more than 34 percent in 2000. More